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Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919
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Worrall Abraham A Frodsham, Ches.
Worrall Albert A Lichfield
Worrall Albert A Woolton, Lancs
Worrall Albert Leonard A Pimlico
Worrall Alfred A Wistanwick, Salop
Worrall Alfred A Warrington, Lancs
Worrall Alfred A Frodsham, Ches.
Worrall Alfred Thomas A T
Worrall Archibald A St. Mary-de-lode, Glos
Worrall Arthur A Ladywood, Birmingham
Worrall Arthur A Whitefield, Manchester Whitefield
Worrall Arthur Francis A F Leicester
Worrall Arthur Joseph A J Cople, Beds Cople
Worrall Benjamin B Frodsham, Cheshire
Worrall Charles C Congleton, Cheshire
Worrall Charles Thomas C T Coventry
Worrall Colin C Sheffield
Worrall Edward E Hindley
Worrall Edward E Frodsham, Ches.
Worrall Edwin E Birmingham Birmingham
Worrall Ernest E Darlaston, Staffs Darlaston, Staffs
Worrall Ernest E Peplow, Salop
Worrall Ernest E Burslem, Staffs Shelton
Worrall Ernest Arthur E A
Worrall Frank F Camberwell Walworth
Worrall Frank F Runcorn, Ches. Runcorn
Worrall Frank F Wolverhampton
Worrall Frank F Coventry, Warwicks
Worrall Frank F
Worrall Frank Evlyn John F E J Hatshill, Staffs
Worrall Frederick F Kingsley, Ches.
Worrall Frederick George F G Lambeth, London Clapham
Worrall George G Ladywood, Birmingham
Worrall George G Carbrook, Sheffield
Worrall George G Birmingham
Worrall George G Birmingham Birmingham
Worrall George G Gnosall, Staffs
Worrall George G Salford
Worrall George G Brampton, Derbyshire
Worrall George Henry G H Birmingham
Worrall George Thomas G T Ashted, Warwicks
Worrall H. H Nottingham
Worrall Harold H Sheffield
Worrall Harry H Birmingham
Worrall Harry H
Worrall Henry H Whitechapel, Middx. Batford, Herts
Worrall Henry H Shelton, Hanley, Staffs Hanley
Worrall Henry H St. George's, Edgbaston, Birmingham
Worrall Henry H Salford, Lancs
Worrall Henry Ernest H E Birmingham Birmingham

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