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By using the important databases on this website it is now possible to find information on most of those from Britain who died in military service in both World Wars.
Additionally, over 400,000 particulars including much biographical information of those who served is now available to view in the form of the National Roll of the Great War, De Ruvigny's Roll Of Honour, Men of The Battle of Waterloo 1815, Boer War Casualties 1899-1902, Distinguished Conduct Medal Citations, Ireland's Memorial Records, Naval Casualties 1914-1919 and British Prisoners of War (German Camps).
Also view the records of wounded WW1 soldiers – The Silver War Badge - 880,000 Individual servicemen's badge records compiled from the Roll at The National Archives.
In total well over 2 million records can now be viewed on a pay per view or a subscription basis on this unique site.


About Military Genealogy

Welcome to our new look website.
Most British families had relations or friends who served in the armed forces during the two world wars. Additionally, thousands served in earlier conflicts. But sadly, many perished in the line of duty. Indeed over 700,000 men and women were to die, in the British Army alone, during the Great War. Now, with the computerisation of various casualty and other important records, we are at last able to easily access essential facts about many of them.

By bringing together many different sources of knowledge, several of which contain biographical information, Military Genealogy presents a crucial tool to help you research your ancestors who served and perhaps died in the armed forces.
As well as our groundbreaking digital Soldiers Died in the Great War and the Army Roll of Honour for the Second World War, we now present vital databases ranging from the Waterloo Medal Roll to Boer War casualties. And so much more besides.
Available for the first time are details of well over 40,000 sailors who died in the First World War. Also new to our website are the full citations of 25,000 men who were awarded that most prestigious award, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, which ranks just below the Victoria Cross. What’s more we now proudly present, digitally for the first time, Ireland’s Memorial Records.

Naturally old favourites such as the National Roll of the Great War and De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour remain for you to access. Indeed, well over one million records containing fascinating information essential to family historians, are currently available for you to peruse by using Military-Genealogy.Com.
New and exciting records, from the various conflicts Britain has been engaged in, will be added from time to time.